MSP CONFIRMA, an end-to-end Track and Trace solution that helps the Health Authorities to track and trace COVID-19 Vaccination from production, throughout the supply chain and till it is vaccinated to the citizens.

It also maintains record of every citizen on the vaccination course and process.


To ensure approved vaccines are manufactured by genuine pharmaceutical companies reaches the citizens as per Government’s policy and guidelines.


  • Super QR Code Based Track & Trace Solution
  • Direct Marking of Super QR Code on Vaccination Bottles at the Manufacturing Production Line
  • Super QR Code encoded with manufacturer information, batch number and Mfg. date (or any other additional info can also be included)
  • Super QR Code marked with Security Ink, which is highly impossible to duplicate
  • Inventory Management and Control of Vaccination units
  • Centralized Vaccination Control Management
  • Prioritize Vaccines deliveries to most required citizens like COVID-19 warriors, Senior Citizens, Civic Staffs, Most Vulnerable Citizens, etc.
  • Linking of Aadhar Number with citizens while vaccination
  • On-field verification of Vaccination units by scanning QR Code using Smartphones
  • Mobile Application for Citizens to maintain Vaccination records
  • SMS alert for 2nd Vaccination alert


  • No fake vaccines in market due to Super QR code direct marking (with security ink) on vaccine bottles at the manufacturing unit
  • On-field verification of QR code shall help Health Authorities to
  • Centralized Vaccination Control Management helps Health Authorities to streamline distribution of Vaccines
  • Centralized Vaccination Control Management helps Health Authorities to ensure
  • Aadhar Card linking shall ensure vaccines are not misused or transferable and illicit trace

Direct Marking of Super QR Code & USDN

A laser or inkjet printing equipment that directly marks QR codes shall be setup at every Manufacturing Production Lines of the Vaccine producing Pharmaceutical company production plants. MSP CONFIRMA system shall generate a QR Code with data and 10-digit Alphanumeric Unique Secure Digital Number (USDN). This unique USDN shall be marked along with the QR Code on every vaccine.

Supply Chain Tracking

On-field Health Inspectors can verify the Vaccines at any point of the supply chain by just scanning the Super QR code using a Mobile Application specially design and installed on smartphone. Upon scanning the QR Code the application will fetch the data from the central database about the vaccination.

Vaccination Management

Mobile Application for Citizens A mobile application shall record and generate QR code for citizens who have been vaccinated. The QR Code when scanned shall provide information about the vaccination given to the citizens like, Name of the Vaccination, Batch Number and Date of Mfg, details about the vaccination course, etc. The Mobile application shall alert for 2nd vaccination.

Portal for Vaccination Management A portal for Health Authorities shall be provided to manage the distribution of Vaccines. The portal will also have provision to categories citizens who would need the vaccines on priority.

MIS Report The portal shall provide vital statistics on Vaccines manufactured, dispatched, distribution, utilized, etc. for Health Authorities. Reports can be generated with various criteria.

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