An adversity can strike any moment and the characteristic of a Smart City is its effective preparedness to an emergency. The foundation of a Smart City is incomplete without an effective Standard Operating Procedure for a Smart Emergency Response System. Smart Emergency Response System involves the integration of the cyber and physical systems, in order to reduce costs and save more lives.


The mission control center is responsible for receiving emergency calls and requests, along with the surveillance data from the disaster site. High-performance computer programs and algorithms are then used to analyze millions of similar scenarios and create the most efficient mission strategy within seconds.


The emergency mission strategy created using computer algorithms includes optimal paths that are sent to autonomous emergency response vehicles. Ground vehicles are deployed for distributing supplies and providing ad-hoc network connectivity.

Smart Emergency Response System can be easily integrated into the city’s existing operational platform or could be employed as an independent solution. We provide a state-of-the-art GPS-based platform that enables vehicle tracking and monitoring in real-time. This assists decision-making authorities to better manage the city’s emergency response vehicles (Ambulance, Fire Trucks, Police Vans etc.) and respond to emergencies swiftly.

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