Madras Security Printers  PDS System  solution flow  

  • Preparing the ID’s for the existing PDS beneficiaries
  • Contains: Linking Aadhaar, current PDS data bases.
  • Validating the demographic and bio-metric information for current PDS holders and the key to access data in the centralized server.
  • Aims: to guarantee a quick and secured access to data, to create an integrated system to overcome all the difficulties faced in the current PDS system.
  • Helps: to transfer and share data with particular regard to data confidentiality and security.

Our PDS Card supports

  • The beneficiary of the scheme would get a smart card.
  • The beneficiary can be disassociated from the Fair Price Shop so that he can draw his entitlements anywhere in the state as the Smart card can authenticate the beneficiary locally
  • No scope for stealing or diversion of essential commodities.
  • Seamless integration of independent transaction processes.
  • Management of large database.
  • Prevention of unauthorized usage.
  • Reliability of the system.
  • Supply chain management ensures timely and correct quantities to be delivered to the FPS shop.

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