Madras Security Printers offer state-of-the-art, comprehensive, high-quality, modular and standardized Track & Trace solution. The solution includes high performance packaging, including generating USDN, aggregation and track & trace solution.

Madras Security Printers Track & Trace solution is reliable and fast encoding and decoding technology, coupled with the latest high speed camera controls and can be tailor made for specific state/country.

It is a new-generation system that can help the Government, Revenue Authority & the Excise Department to track the supply chain of products.

Features of our Solution

  • Provides an excellent On-field Real time Tracking facility to Track the Tax Stamps & products details
  • Provides very user friendly Inventory Management System
  • QR Code enabled delivery module eliminates paper & keyboard data entry which reduces human errors
  • Provides the 2-D barcode / QR code based system for accurate and timely inventory information
  • Improved Inventory Control at the Quality office’s receiving end
  • Increase efficiency and accountability in information collection and sharing
  • Provides Unique Serial Digital Numbers (USDN) & QR (Quick Response Code) to all Tax Stamps of the Products
  • Any Place Any Product Any Person Validation is possible
  • SMS gateway to send alerts and responds to Consumer request etc.,
  • Provision for sending e-mails to Department’s higher officials on detecting to Store/product that uses Counterfeit  Tax Stamps

Benefits and Features

  • Helps Excise Department Officials  & Consumers Identifying Products
  • End to end tracking of Tax Stamps is possible – Excise Department can track from date of purchase of Tax Stamps till it is delivered to customer.
  • Facilitates Online tracking on the field
  • Requires very minimal Data entry with interactive screens and help prompts
  • Lower processing time, User friendly GUI screen
  • QR / 2-D Barcode scanning capability for faster processing
  • All reports will be password protected.
  • Secure Products in stock & use
  • Allocation of specific range and/or design to each product category
  • Damaged or unusable Marks identification is made very easy
  • Exception, which may include records of Tax Stamps in fraudulent use

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