Madras Security Printers Launches Vaccination Management Solution to facilitate online based record keeping and managing of process in vaccinations.

It includes a centralized vaccine management platform that will help vaccine distribution, mass vaccination management and administration. It will be totally managed online.

Health service and care providers to enroll in the mass vaccination program, make vaccination appointments to the recipients, track vaccination administration and reporting to state and local corporation public health units, and manage inventory via a online based application.

Vaccine recipients easy access to schedule vaccination appointments, prescreening approval for appointments, receive alerts for appointments and follow-up notifications.

State and local corporation public health Units can monitor the vaccine administration and analysis the geographical sections of the state and local jurisdiction and support with inventory management of vaccines availability.

Madras Security Printers is Preparing for the public health response to COVID-19 in supporting vaccination management infrastructure for any Country.

Madras Security Printers will also provide COVID – 19 vaccine Passport to enable easy travel.

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