Biometric solutions

Authentication & Verification solution

Verification also provides improved accuracy in authenticating users by measuring the level of risk associated with an identity. The system can be configured to address high-risk identities or transactions by adjusting the difficulty of the questions during the authentication process.

  • Public record searches.
  • Suspicious access to a user's public record reports.
  • Real-time authentication.
  • The identity verification process is conducted in real-time
  • and a simple "pass/fail" result is delivered instantly.
  • Reduces false failure rate.

UID enrollment services

Our  UID  biometric enrollment solutions

Civilian identities will be verified with any one given below
■Data Management and Search

•Can be used as an address proof.
•Duplication is impossible.
•Data management is simple and secure.
•Provides an organized way of maintaining citizen information.
•Improves internal security.
•Prevents illegal immigration.

Customized bio metric solution

Our domain expertise is availbale to help you identify the best technology which can be integrated to your solution and needs.
We offer  biometric verification and identification technologies including Fingerprint, Facial, Eye Iris, and Multibiometric.
We  consult and define  best solution to meet your business requirements.