CCTNS Crime control tracking networking system

CCTNS aims at enhancing efficiency and effective policing at all levels, especially at the police station level, through adoption of principles of e-governance, and creation of a nationwide networked infrastructure for evolution of an IT-enabled state-of-the-art tracking system.

Complaints can be registered online under this system and the status of the probe can be tracked with just a click of the mouse by the complainants.

The investigating officers too will benefit, as keeping track of the criminals and crimes would be easier.

Any police station record can be easily accessed .

Criminal identification solution


Our IT Department had developed a Software Solution to establish an electronic Criminal Record Information System. This system would be a Criminal Record Database of the state which includes criminal conviction and other crime related activities.

This information technology mainly consists of two elements:

  1. Criminal Record data base
  2. Inter connection software for all the Police Stations, which comes under the Jurisdiction of the respective state.

The confidential and integrated Data of the criminal records assures the police department and the home department to monitor and control the Crime in their respective state.

E- Challan system

e-challan system for tracking traffic violations at the Police Control Room.
The traffic police officers on duty will manually capture the data on traffic violations, feed them on hand held machines and the data so collected will be downloaded onto computers at the respective traffic police stations at the end of the day.

We proviede complete solution for e-challan.