Driving license solution


Our dedicated IT Division ensures the secured issuance of Unique Vehicle Driving License and Registration Certificate.

This SmartCard based electronic format of Driving License and Registration Certificate assures the respective Transport Department of any Government for an authenticated, accurate and reliable traceability of the vehicle and the Driving License users.

The Government of Tamil Nadu had awarded us the Contract for Printing and Supply of the Smartcard based Driving License which is successfully carried out by Madras Security Printers Private Limited till date.

Automatic No. plate Recoganization

Eagle Automatic Number Plate Recognition System Includes

·      VIR Vehicle Identification Recognition.

·      High spec day and night cameras, with 30 Meter range built in 3 chip

·      CCD and special anti head light filters, for better night time reading.

·      Very High Specification Mobile Digital Video Recorder with 1 Terabyte removable  storage capacity 4 Channel Video Capture device to store all registration numbers.

·      4 Channel ANPR.          

·      Touch Screen Monitor.

·      3G GRPS.

·      Wi-Fi for data updates for simple operation.

·      Easy automatic update of wanted numbers through GPRS Mobile or 3g.

·      Removable Solid State water proof and blast proof Hard Disk.


GPS based vehicle tracking system

GPS Based vehicle tracking system enabls a base station to keep track of the vehicles without the intervention of the driver. The tracking device, which consists of a GPS unit and a Mobile module, constantly sends out information about the vehicle's position, speed, distance and duration of each halt. This information can then be accessed from a central location through a website or a mobile phone.  The navigation system will have convenient, usually a graphic, display for the driver which is not needed for a tracking system. Vehicle Tracking Systems combine a number of well-developed technologies and solutions . 

Our solution Includes:

Integrated voice and SMS communication.
Customizable reports .
Vehicle information can be accessed online .
Complete kit.
Complete support.