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NID solutions

National ID card is a multipurpose card system which provides physical identity to the citizens of a country. The system helps the citizens to avail facilities like Health care, social security, e-governance related amenities, and can double up as a Voter ID, and Driving license.
  • Can be used as an address proof.
  • Duplication is impossible.
  • Data management is simple and secure.
  • Provides an organized way of maintaining citizen information.
  • Improves internal security.
  • Prevents illegal immigration.

National population registration creation

National Population Register solution
The creation of digital database having identity details of all the individuals along with their photographs and finger biometrics will result in the creation of a biometrics based identity system in the country. This will also help in demographic based MIS for informed decision making by the governments.

Eagle VISA (VISA issue system & Border management solutions)

Eagle Visa solution was developed to simplify the extensive Visa issuing process. The software contains simple steps arranged in a logical sequence to make visa issuing process as simple as possible. Eagle Visa facilitates easy verification and validation of the applicants’ details and enables the Immigration Centre / Department to effectively manage and monitor the present Visa applications and already issued Visas, round the clock. Eagle Visa provides high degree of security in storing and maintaining applicant information and details.
Features :
  • Eagle Visa system reduces the Visa processing time span.
  • Efficient process to verify and validate the eligibility of the Visa applicant.
  • Reduces forgery and discourages fraudulent information.
  • Enables the Immigration Department to centrally manage and monitor the issued Visas and the existing Visa applications in real time.
  • Accelerates personalization and quick printing of validated visa.
  • User-friendly and secured Visa processing system.
Border Control
  • Supports manifold identity credentials such as passports, visas, smartcards, RFIDs, identity cards etc. and multiple biometrics such as finger, face and iris.
  • Integrates with multiple applications and systems supported at border entry and exit points.
  • Compliance with ICAO guidelines and instructions.
  • Enables to handle very large population groups using different methods of authentication.

Eagle E - Passport solutions & OS

E-Passport is an identity document with the contactless chip embedded in the passport. ICAO recommends using biometric identification (facial, fingerprint and iris recognition) in e- passports.
Eagle e-passport features:
  • Compliance with ICAO guidelines.
  • Web based framework for citizens to apply for e-passport.
  • Secured personalization of passports.
  • Captures applicant photograph and biometrics.
  • Secured access control for the passport issuing authorities.
  • Biometric verification.
  • User friendly and cost effective.