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1. Madras Security Press stands tall at SmartCards Expo
 Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014

Madras Security Press stands tall at SmartCards Expo

17 Oct 2014 |  Dibyajyoti Sarma  

According to IMARC Group, a market research company, India's market for smart cards is forecast to generate about USD 1 billion in revenues by...

2. MSP to upgrade Nepal's driving license system
 Friday, Dec 13, 2013
3. eIndia 2013 Award
 Saturday, Oct 12, 2013
Health Insurance Initiative is conferred open Government of Tamil Nadu for the project Chief Minister's Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme.
4. The Tax Stamp Award
 Wednesday, Jul 31, 2013

The Tax stamp awards for secure excise and accompanying trace system.

5. eIndia 2012 Award
 Monday, Nov 19, 2012

Biometric smart card for  Health Insurance ( CMCHS).  It covers 13.4 million people  and  800 Hospitals. It has verified Eagle authentic solution.

To provide quality health care and easy access to the multi-specialty hospitals...

6. Multi National Identity Card
 Tuesday, Feb 15, 2011

The prestigious Pilot Project of the  Multi National Identity Card for the Government of India has been awarded and implemented successfully by Madras Security Printers Pvt. Ltd.

7. Smart Card Based Identity Card
 Friday, Dec 31, 2010

We have successfully carried out various Smart Card Based Identity Card Projects in India and currently we have made a Bio-metric Enrollment of about 50 million Population using 2000 Teams in a short span of 4 months which is a Global Achievement.